Encruzilhadas of Conviviality-Inequality Re-Generating Suspensions, Struggles, and Openings

Mecila Annual Meeting and Young Researchers Forum 2021 

Datum: 08. - 10.11.2021

Veranstaltungstitel: Encruzilhadas of Conviviality-Inequality Re-Generating Suspensions, Struggles, and Openings

Veranstaltungstyp: Konferenz

Veranstalterkategorie: Förderprojekte

Veranstalter: Mecila 

Ort: Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne, Germany

Encruzilhadas are crossroads or intersections of encounter, contact, and interplay which challenge and question, make suffer, or empower and regenerate. Conceptually grounded in subaltern epistemologies, encruzilhadas refer to encountered uncertainties, crucial moments of decision taking, the mere possibility of change, or the troublesome place of multiple oppressions. It firmly grounds in Afro-Latin religions, intersectional Latin American feminist and queer debates, and unfolds analytical potential in ever more areas of study, including disability, education, and politics.

After a year of working together under conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, members of Mecila will meet at the Annual Meeting and Young Researchers Forum to discuss the generating and regenerating forces encountered in moments of suspension, struggle, and, eventually, uncertain re-openings.

The encruzilhada in Cologne will highlight how Mecila members at all network locations have experienced countless forces that have traversed their lives, thoughts, and research activities, yet in locally specific and unequal ways. Post/global convivialities and long-standing inequalities are joined by new boundaries and frictions that cause doubt about which futures lie ahead of societies and communities in South and North.

Preliminary Programme
All times are shown according to the Central European Time (CET, UTC +1)

08.11. Monday
14:30-15:00 - Arrival and Registration
15:00-15:30 - Welcome Speeches
15:30-17:00 - Roundtable I: Conviviality-Inequality in Pandemic Times
Raquel Rojas Scheffer (FU-Berlin)
Jerónimo Pinedo (UNLP)
Rosario Aparicio López (COLMEX)
Juan Piovani (CONICET/UNLP)
Moderation: Paula-Irene Villa-Braslavsky (Ludwig Maximilian Univ. of Munich) | Sérgio Costa (FU-Berlin)
17:30-19:00 - Keynote Speaker:  Susana Durão (University of Campinas)
Configuring Racism in Brazil. Unravelling the Deeds of the Security Industry
19:00-20:30 - Reception

09.11. Tuesday
09:00-09:30 - Arrival and Coffee
09:30-11:00 - Roundtable 2: Towards Post/Global Convivialities?
Ajay Gandhi (Leiden University)
Elodie Brun (COLMEX)
Juliana Streva (FU-Berlin)
Gesine Müller (UzK)
Moderation: Peter Birle (IAI) | Tilmann Heil (UzK)
11:00-11:30 - Coffee
11:30-13:00 - Parallel Sessions
Panel 1: Spatial Struggles of Conviviality
Yves Cohen (School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences)
Georg Fischer (Aarhus University)
Ajay Gandhi (Leiden University)
Bianca Tavolari (CEBRAP)
Moderation: Jeffrey Lesser (Emory University) | Ramiro Segura (CONICET/UNLP)

Panel 2: Multinormative and Legal-Pluralist Affinities to Conviviality-Inequality
Osvaldo Barreneche (CONICET/UNLP)
Elisa Speckman (National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico)
José Rodrigo Rodriguez (CEBRAP/Unisinos)
Moderation: Samuel Barbosa (USP) | Agustín Casagrande (UNLP-National Univ. of San Martín)
13:00-15:00 - Lunch
15:00-16:30 - Roundtable 3: Knowledge Circulation – Archives as Convivial Contexts
Christoph Müller (IAI)
Nicolás Suárez (UBA)
Peter Schulze (UzK)
Raquel Gil Montero (CONICET/UBA)
Moderation: Gloria Chicote (CONICET/UNLP) | Clara Ruvituso (IAI)
16:30-17:00 - Coffee
17:00-18:30 - Keynote Speaker: Silke Hensel (UzK)
Social Practices of Representation in Early Republican Mexico

10.11. - Wednesday 
09:00-09:30 - Arrival and Coffee
09:30-13:00 - Young Researchers Forum
13:00-14:30 - Lunch
14:30-16:00 - Parallel Sessions
Panel 3: Intersectional Convivialities
Marta Machado (CEBRAP/Getúlio Vargas Foundation)
Susanne Schulz (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Jacqueline Teixeira (CEBRAP)
Moderation: Encarnación Gutierrez-Rodriguez (Justus Liebig University Giessen) | Stephanie Schütze (FU-Berlin)

Panel 4: Ethno-Racial Asymmetries and Solidarities
Susana Durão (University of Campinas)
Clemente Penna (Federal Univ. of Santa Catarina)
Seth Racusen (Anna Maria College)
Léa Tosold (USP)
Moderation/Discussion: Marília Moschkovich (USP) | Cinthia Wanschelbaum (CONICET/Univ. of Buenos Aires/National Univ. of Luján)
16:00-16:30 - Coffee
Mecila thanks the Fritz Thyssen Foundation for its facilities and technical support