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Evaluation in Science Communication Celebrating a new start: The Virtual Ukraine Institute for Advanced Study Red Becomes Black - and Then What? Pigment Changes on Art and Cultural Heritage Protecting Academic Freedom I Scholars at risk, scholars in exile: How can we strengthen and better protect individual freedom of research and teaching? Developing Ukrainian Studies: Ukraine in Research and Teaching in the Subjects Slavic Literary and Cultural Studies, Slavic Linguistics in Dialogue with East European History Equitable International Research Cooperation – From affirmations to practice PRIF Annual Conference 2023 "Dealing with Autocracies in a Fragmented World Round Table MECAM MECILA: Asymmetries of International Knowledge Production and Circulation. Experiences, Best Practices and Challenges Social Cohesion as a Global Guiding Concept ICT4Peace – The Role of Information and Communication Technology in (Digital) Peacebuilding Science Peace Security: Technology and the Transformation of Political Violence Next Series of HAWK Hornemann Institute's Online Courses Runs from 11 September to 5 November 2023 Stocktake: Need for action on fossil fuel subsidy reform & shifting of other public financial flows Call for presentations or sessions (Submission deadline: 1 July 2023) "Bridging the divide: exploring the local in social cohesion" Nowhere(to)land? What Science Studies Contribute to Science Communication HistoCrypt 2023 Games & Literature. On the literaricity, research, collection, and archiving of computer games DiD Virtual Lecture Series 2023 "Expanded documentary – ecologies of images/images of ecology" Next Series of HAWK Hornemann Institute's Online Courses Runs from 3 April to 28 May Re-thinking education in the digital age. Meaningful perspectives for future citizenship Language(s) of Violence | TraCe Jahreskonferenz A CLOUD FOR ALL – The European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage 6th Peace & Conflict Talk (PaCT) “The Global State of Young Scientists in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Exploration of Constraints and Strategies” Theorizing Jewish-Arab Transculturation BEING KENYAN ON VOTING, CLUBBING, AND DYING IN NAIROBI - ZUR ZEIT | GESPRÄCH am Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin Borders, policing, criminal courts: Anti-racist perspectives ERNST MAYR LECTURE in der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Partnering tools in Horizon Europe? – The information session „Ask the NCP” presents valuable options International Conference Disputing Child Labour Globally: Legitimation Struggles in the Past and Present Culture and Creative Industries: Your chances in EU-research and innovation funding BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK from November 1 to 10, 2022. The Work Programme 2023/2024 of Cluster 2 “Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society”: 3 Online information sessions in November by the NCP Society Im Gehäuse des Wahns. Deutsche Schriftsteller im sowjetischen Exil “Submitting an EU-Proposal – what are your benefits?” Open Exchange with a successful applicant Verlust und Vielfalt. Zur Parallele von Artenschutz und Denkmalschutz um 1900 Humanities at War. Ukrainian Perspectives FFVT Workshop „Forced Migration Studies and Policy Dialogue: Promoting New Ways of Knowledge Production and Policy Transfer" (auf Englisch) Margarita Valdovinos: The Encounter of Knowledges: Epistemic Dialogues in Unequal Contexts Ana María Cetto: Medialisation in Science: From Idealism to Virtualism Starting soon: “Horizon Europe? Ask the NCP!”—a new online information session format organized by NCP Society 1st Annual Conference of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg Münster "Ausnahme und Vielfalt / Exception and Plurality" Reasoning and uncertainty: probabilistic, logical, and psychological perspectives Cities of Migrant Solidarity: An International Dialogue Interdisciplinary conference 2022: 850 years of St. Godehard in Hildesheim | 19.-21.09.2022 PHOTO EXHIBITION - Creating a Sustainable Mono-Material Collection Doppelrollen im Literaturbetrieb Giga Zedania: Mamardashvili, Artaud und die Metaphysik des sowjetischen Lebens DRESSED. The Widespread Role of Clothes, Textile Production and Clothing Concepts in Society - Interweaving Perspectives 2022 Annual Conference Global Conflicts, Global Collaboration: China in a Changing World Order Seeing with and thinking through Korsakow DiD Special #3 - Interactive Documentary. Participation and Politics FFVT on point: Forced Migration in and out of Ukraine – some (lesser known) facets Interdisciplinary Conference: Non-Invasive Digital Techniques. New Prospects in the Research and Restoration of Wall Paintings Launch of New Digital Research Infrastructure: Migrant Connections International responses to Putin’s aggression: How effective are military deterrence, economic sanctions, and diplomacy? FFVT on point: The situation of forced migration and durable solutions in Ethiopia (auf Englisch) Art in Times of Crisis – The Covid-19 Pandemic and Taibei's Artscapes. A Digital Dialogue with Contemporary Taiwanese Artist Betty Apple Call for Participation IFM-Konferenz Interactive Epistemology, Listening, and Ecomedia Trinational Conference "Rule of Law and the Judiciary in the EU member states" Restitution, Return, Repatriation and Reparation (The 4Rs) in Africa: Reality or Transcultural Aphasia? Info Day: Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society Contestation over migration and rights in the context of forced displacement - How do we study it? (auf Englisch) FFVT Scholarly Workshop „Forced Migration and Dynamics of Political Mobilisation: Conceptual Approaches, Comparative and Case Studies“ (auf Englisch) Brokerage Event: Horizon Europe's Cluster 2 "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" "I want so much for my work to grow out of the material…" Emil Nolde's Painting Technique History of Science and the Challenges of “Non-simultaneity” in Eastern and Central Europe The Un/Executed Renaissance: Ukrainian Soviet Modernism and Its Legacies Performing Tangier Festival (17th Edition): II. The Poetics and Politics of National Theatre(s) between Globalism and Localism Performing Tangier Festival (17th Edition): I. Theatres of the Global South – Decolonial Visions “Climate Solidarities“ International online climate conference for young people FFVT on point: Forced Migration in Afghanistan and Afghan Refugees in the Region (online panel discussion) At the Cutting Edges of Knowledge Production: Borders and Black Holes in Academic Dialogue CEDITRAA Methods Workshop Symposium: “Participation, Marginalization, and Exclusion in the U.S. Welfare State” Exhibition: (Not) My City - Scopes and Boundaries in Urban Space IKGF Humanities Festival Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft - DVPW, Kongress 2021, Panel DoE 14: Lokalisierungen des Politischen? Spielräume in der lokalen Migrations- und Integrationspolitik Connecting Themes Conference: Contested Knowledge in a Connected World Feminist Gender Wars: how did “gender” become popular? Debating Multinormativity and Legal Pluralism Virtual Brokerage Event "A sustainable future for Europe" | 30.09.2021 Law for Nature: Transnational environmental law enforcement Rethinking Knowledge Exchange within the Humanities | 06.07.2021 Decolonizing Knowledge: Re-Centering Africa and African Epistemologies in the Quest for Global Transformation | 16.06.2021 "Doing Collecitivity, Doing Normativity. Connecting Collectivity and Normativity via Practice Theory": Jan-Christoph Marschelke (Regensburg) | 8.06.2021 (Im)mobility in international research cooperation: knowledge and partnerships between the South and North, East and West | 22.06.2021 Keynote Interview “Uncomfortable Neighbours: The Impact of Crises on Regional Governance" | 02.06.2021 Learning and Struggling in Pandemic Times - Online Discussion and Workshop | 21.05.2021 IKG Forum-TransMIGZ Talks "Islamist and Nativist Reactionary Radicalization in Europe" | 10.05.2021 European Humanities Conference | 05.-07.05.2021 Webinar: Trans-Atlantic Platform Call „Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Postpandemic World“ | 07.05.2021 The Fragment In the Digital Age. Opportunities and limitations of new conservation-restoration techniques | 07.-08.05.2021 Mapping the Margins, Revisited: Intersectionality and American Studies | 12.04. - 05.07.2021 Normativity in Ferdinand Tönnies’ Conception of Community | 27.04.2021 Augmented Cities – Where did the night go? | 21.-23.04.2021 Cultural Heritage in Digital Age | 21.04.2021 Networking the Networks – Opening OPERAS-GER | 26.04.2021 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Ideas for Re-ordering the World in Times of Multiple Crises: Continuity and Change beyond Covid-19 | 24.01.2021 Pleasure in Crisis? Resilience of public entertainment and festivity in the past and present | 16.03.2021 Historical cultural change, historical learning and memory | 01.03.2021 “SMUS Conference” | 15. - 21.03.2021 Anthropologists in Security – Dialogues between Argentina and Brazil | 22.02.2021 Rustom Bharucha: Theatre and the Coronavirus – A Speech-Act in Nine Episodes | 01.02.2021 - 31.07.2021 #4CultureCommunityPlenary | 04.02.2021 Divided society? Challenges for Political Education in Diverse Societies | 11/12.02.2021 Workshop: Von analog zu digital: Konzeptionen der Keilschriftforschung im 21. Jahrhundert am Beispiel administrativer Urkunden | 26.-28.02.2021 CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Augmented Cities: Where did the night go? | 20.01.2021 Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni: 'The Politics of Knowledge in Africa and African Scholarship on Decolonization' | 20.01.2021 Cluster 2 - Soziale und wirtschaftliche Transformationen | 20.01.2021 Cluster 2 - Kulturelles Erbe und die Kreativwirtschaft | 19.01.2021 Demokratische Regierungsführung | 18.01.2021 PREGNANT BODIES – EMBODIED PREGNANCY | 14.01.-15.02.2021 Hölderlin und Hegel tdoay | 09.12.2020 FFVT Politik- und Praxisdialog 2020: Flucht- und Flüchtlingsforschung im Gespräch | 10.12.2020 Veranstaltungsreihe Berliner Brasiliendialoge – Brasilien im multiplen Krisenmodus | 1.12.2020 - 16.02.2021 The Plurality of Marriage Laws: Exploring the Viability of a Single Marriage Code for South Africa in a Comparative Context | 8.12.2020 „Horizont Europa - Politischer Hintergrund, Struktur, Neuerungen und Themen im Cluster 2“ | 10.12.2020 CFP: The Moral Economies of Knowledge Production on Migration: Conflicts, Values, Positionalities | 02.-04.12.2020 PERFORMING TANGIER FESTIVAL – Street Performances as Spatio-Temporal Heterotopias | 27.-30.11.2020 Symposium on the Occasion of the 130th Anniversary of the Opening of the Japanese Parliament | 26.-27.11.2020 Geschichte der in Rom ansässigen deutschen Forschungs- und Kulturinstitute in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts | 26.11.2020 What citizenship education for what democracy? Transnational Perspectives from the 19th to the 21st Century | 25.-27.11.2020 Digital reading and lecture series: racism, colonialism, decolonization, restitution | 10.11.2020 - 16.02.2021 Ringvorlesung „Animals as Objects“ | 09.11.2020 - 22.02.2021 Impact of the Pandemic and Social Inequalities in Latin America | 17.11.2020 Domestic work and private security jobs: outsourced, precarious and racist | 24.11.2020 RISC Inaugural Conference | 10./11.11.2020 Christoph Antons (Newcastle, Australien): Peranakan Chinese in Indonesia: The Construction of a Community in Colonial Law and its Legacy | 10.11.2020 Medialities today: circulation and appropriation of knowledge in Latin America | 10.11.2020 „Sozioprudenz - Sozial klug handeln“ | 27.10.2020 Bound and Stitched Up! Grass, Bast, Bark – Stone Age All-Rounders | 17.10.2020 - 11.04.2021 ‘Urgency’ and ‘Responsibility’ in Global Cooperation - Covid-19 and beyond | 05/06.10.2020 Forumsprogramm "Recht als Kultur" | 10.2020 - 03.2021 In the Realm of Corona Normativities. A Momentary Snapshot of a Dynamic Discourse | 13.10.2020 Conference: MUSIC OBJECT STORIES: Popular music and material culture | 01. / 02.10.2020 #EFSES2020 - European Forum on Science and Education for Sustainability (digital): From Ambition to Action – Together for an Innovative and Sustainable Europe | 06.10.2020 Round Table: Wissenschaftskommunikation in den Geisteswissenschaften | 25.09.2020 Book launch Volume III: Intellectual Horizons | 28.09.2020 Book launch Volume II: Statehood | 21.09.2020 Book launch Volume I: Challenges of Modernity | 14.09.2020 “And they built that in Gelsenkirchen …” | Architecture and Cultural Institutions in the Ruhr Since 1950 | 11.09.2020 – 10.01.2021 3rd Conference of the German Network of Forced Migration Researchers | 17.-19.09.2020 Maps, Knowledge, and the Sea. Globalization as seen from the Waters | 17.07.-17.10.2020 International Conference on Night Studies | 02.-04-07.2020 16th EASA Biennial Conference - New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe | 20.-24.07.2020 Between discrimination and solidarity - refugees in a working environment | 03.07.2020 Virtual Workshop: Escape, Governance, Human Rights | 09.-10.07.20 Interdisciplinarity in Times of Crisis: Why the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Matter | 14.05.2020 Night Scenes conference | 23.–24.04.2020 Digital Documentary Practices – Topical paradigm shifts and the potential of emerging configurations | 24./25.04.2020 NUMiD-Workshop | 13. / 14.02.2020 „Digital Transformation in Law and Society: Comparative Perspectives on Families and New Media“ | 03./04.02.2020 Schmerz: objektiv subjektiv / 32. werkstatt für musiktherapeutische forschung | 07./08.02.2020 Informations- und Einführungsveranstaltung Masterstudiengang Musiktherapie an der Universität der Künste Berlin | 22.02.2020 Abschlussforum: The Location of Theory | 06.02.2020 Abschlussveranstaltung des Projekts „Die weite Welt vor Ort“ | 13.02.2020 "Kinder im Gespräch – Mit Kindern im Gespräch“ Fachtagung | 24.01.2020 Visionen und Grenzen der neuen digitalen Kommunikationswelt 4.0 | 17.01.2020 Wie tickt eigentlich ein/e…? Theologin trifft Paläontologen | 15.01.2019 Das Timbre von Charisma und Spiritualität in der Musiktherapie | 23./24.01.2020 Anwendungen für die formelle und informelle Pflege | 17.01.2020 Forschungsexzellenz, Interdisziplinarität, Internationalität - Promotion in Musiktherapie im internationalen und interdisziplinären Kontext | 16.01.2020 Abschlussveranstaltung der "Kleine Fächer-Wochen Sprechwissenschaft" mit einem öffentlichen Sprechkunstabend "Ein Tag zum Geschenk" | 31.01.2020 Festveranstaltung der Kleinen-Fächer-Woche | 22.01.2020 WeltWeit.Unverzichtbar | 09.01.2020 Eröffnung der Kleinen-Fächer-Woche: Wissensarena | 21.01.2020 Musik zur Sprache bringen. Interdisziplinäre Dialoge zum Musikerleben | 18.01.2020 Workshop "Divination in Chinese Religions" | 10.-11.12.2019 Die DDR – Perspektiven ihrer Erforschung 30 Jahre nach der friedlichen Revolution | 11.12.2019 Klang|Riss | 14.12.2019 Schmerz und Hoffnung. Musiktherapie in der Palliativmedizin | 09.11.2019 Sounding together: familien-zentrierte Musiktherapie in der Neonatologie | 09.11.2019 Ersteinschätzung, Indikation und Behandlung in der Musiktherapie | 09.11.2019 Kleine Fächer studieren: Kompetenzen und Chancen für den internationalen Arbeitsmarkt | 05.11.2019 2. Auftaktveranstaltung: Eröffung der "Sprechwissenschaftlichen Beratungsstelle" und Fachtag "(Sprech-)Beratung" | 11.11.2019 Explorer’s night: Mainzer Forscher*innen auf den Spuren alter Kulturen | 24.10.2019 Aufgehorcht! Musikhören in Theorie und Praxis | 23.10.2019 Auftakt Kleine Fächer-Wochen | 16.10.2019 Kalt erwischt: Vom Leben in und nach einer Depression | 10.10.2019 Gemeinsam gegen Schmerz: Multimodale Schmerzbehandlung | 04.10.2019 Festakt - 40 Jahre akademische Musiktherapie | 20.09.2019 Nacht der Forschung Mannheim I Heidelberg: Musiktherapie erleben | 27.09.2019 Nur noch kurz die Welt retten - Musiktherapie und Digitalisierung | 21.09.2019