Forumsprogramm "Recht als Kultur" | 10.2020 - 03.2021

The new forum's program by "Recht als Kultur" for October 2020 to March 2021 can be found here.

Date: 10.2020 - 03.2021

Time: 6pm

Eventtitle: Presentations by Forum "Recht als Kultur"

Eventtype: Other

Eventcategory: Förderprojekt KHK

Organiser: Käthe-Hamburger Kolleg

Place: Online, Live-Stream-Event

More about the Event

The Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Recht als Kultur" (Law as Culture) offers a space for transdisciplinary and transcultural exchange with foreign guests and the Fellows of the Kolleg. The lecture series is open to interested listeners.
The lectures will take place in the form of live-streams.


Book launch with Clemens Albrecht (Bonn) and Werner Gephart (Bonn):
„Sozioprudenz – Sozial klug handeln“
   27.10.2020 | 18:00 Uhr | Online Zoom-Konferenz

Christoph Antons (Newcastle, Australien):
Peranakan Chinese in Indonesia: The Construction of a Community in Colonial Law and its Legacy
    10.11.2020 | 6 pm | Online Zoom-Conference

Christa Rautenbach (Potchefstroom, Südafrika):
Plurality of Marriage Laws: Exploring the Viability of a Single Marriage Code for South Africa in a Comparative Context
    08.12.2020 | 6 pm | Online Zoom-Conference

Daniel Zimmer (Bonn):
Digital Communities and the Law
    19.01.2021 | 6 pm | Online Zoom-Conference

Carolin Behrmann (Florenz):
Towards a Visual Common Sense
    23.02.2021 | 6 pm | Online Zoom-Conference

Mona Oraby (Amherst, USA):
States of Conversion: Religious Difference and Secular Law
    23.03.2021 | 6 pm | Online Zoom-Conference