Culture and Creative Industries: Your chances in EU-research and innovation funding

On November 29, the National Contact Point Society will introduce all those Cluster 2-Topics of WP 2023/ 2024 which are espacially interesting for the Culture and Creativity Industries. Plus we will present an EU-project to show a practical example and provide you with possibilities of international networking.

In this information session the National Contact Point Society will talk about those Cluster 2-topics of the Work Programme 2023/ 2024 which might be relevant for the Culture and Creativity Industries (CCI). EU-research funding intends to increase the innovation ecosystem of the Culture and Creativity Industries, to raise European competitiveness of different branches like music, film and videogames and to offer support in digitalization. It wants furthermore optimize the power of innovation of the CCI. Beside that you will get the chance to have a look on an EU-project which already participated. Possibilities of international networking will be provided.

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