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First publication workshop at the Merian Centre for Advanced Studies in the Maghreb (MECAM), Tunis, Tunisia PROJECT-WEBSITE: Development of innovation service provieders in structuralls weak regions PUBLICATION: Atlas of Migration VIDEO: Stocktake: Need for action on fossil fuel subsidy reform & shifting of other public financial flows PUBLICATION: Designing real-world laboratories for sustainable urban transformation: addressing ambiguous roles and expectations in transdisciplinary teams PUBLICATION: Promoting Interculture in Participation in German Urban Planning: Fields of Action for Institutional Change PUBLICATION: Practicing Sovereignty: Digital Involvement in Times of Crises PUBLICATION: Migration-Led Institutional Change in Urban Development and Planning (Open Access, 2021) BLOG: Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa BLOG: #MECAM – TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research PUBLICATION: Handling Religious Things. The Material and the Social in Museums PUBLICATION: How a technical innovation in ancient textile industry pioneered a new way of thinking VIDEOS: Youtube channel of Käte Hamburger Kolleg Erlangen-Nürnberg BUCH: The Epoch of Universalism 1769–1989 / L’époque de l’universalisme 1769–1989 VIDEO: Public Renaissance minidoc - urban public space and pandemic in Early Modern Europe PUBLICATION: Young refugees and public space PUBLICATION: Working Paper "Populist Leaders and the Economy" PUBLICATION: Journal of Migration Studies PUBLICATION: Cultural Heritage in Crisis: Cultural Heritage Research at European Level – Challenges in Times of Climate Change and Digitalization VIDEO: A Review of the online GiD Lab-panel: Capitalism in Motion. Imagining, Transforming, and Inventing Economic Forms over Time AUDIO: "Neue Formen muslimischer Religiösität" Audiobeitrag vom Deutschlandfunk Maps, Knowledge, and the Sea. Globalization as seen from the Waters | 17.07.-17.10.2020 VIDEO: Literature festival "Festival of Hope" in pandemic times Video: Finding their niche: Unheard stories of migrant women (Trailer) “And they built that in Gelsenkirchen …” | Architecture and Cultural Institutions in the Ruhr Since 1950 | 11.09.2020 – 10.01.2021 VIDEO: The European Social Survey AUDIO: DiD Special #3 - Interactive Documentary. Participation and Politics AUDIO: Podcast "Film Studies bling-bling" of the Babelsberg Film University PHOTO EXHIBITION - Creating a Sustainable Mono-Material Collection AUDIO: Podcast "Mehr als Schienen und Straßen: Kulturelle Begegnungen entlang Chinas Neuer Seidenstraße" VIDEO: Humanities in the European Network (HERA 2020) VIDEO: Mecila's 2021 Annual Meeting - Encruzilhadas of Conviviality-Inequality VIDEO: What Makes Us Human? Animating the Humanities - HERA discussion VIDEO: Humanities Matter - HERA Short Animation VIDEO: The Ideal EU from the Perspective of Citizens VIDEO: Prof. Dr. Paul Basu "Colonial Heritage and Knowledge Production in Conflict" VIDEO: Digital Lecture on the topic of "Decolonizing Knowledge Production in Africa" VIDEO: Humanities Matter: The Story behind the Animation Exhibition: (Not) My City - Scopes and Boundaries in Urban Space