Giga Zedania: Mamardashvili, Artaud und die Metaphysik des sowjetischen Lebens

Prof. Giga Zedania’s Inaugural Lecture as Honorary Member of the ZfL

Research on Georgian literature and culture has been conducted at the ZfL since 2006. Since 2008, there have been close cooperative relations with the Ilia State University in Tbilisi, which have been supported on the Georgian side primaril y by its long-time rector, the Germanist Giga Zedania. Due to his merits in shaping the joint research projects, which go far beyond Georgia, the ZfL appoints Giga Zedania as Honorary Member and celebrates this with a festive event. As an inaugural lecture, Giga Zedania will give a lecture on a little-known episode in European cultural history, focusing on the Georgian philosopher Merab Mamardashvili, the French theater maker and thinker Antonin Artaud, and the metaphysics of Soviet life. Martin Treml, a long-time ZfL staff member who has held a DAAD Visiting Professorship in the Study of Religious Culture at Ilia University since 2020, will hold the respondence.