FFVT on point: Forced Migration in and out of Ukraine – some (lesser known) facets

Five million people are fleeing to and from Ukraine. But what is the composition of this heterogeneous group? Where are the people taking themselves to safety? What role do post-Soviet migration networks play in civil society reception in Germany? FVVT on point focuses on facets that have received less attention so far.


As a result of the war in the Donbas in 2014 and intensified since the direct Russian attack on Ukraine in February 2022, five million people are on the run - both within the country and out of Ukraine. FFVT on point takes a closer look at this flight movement and asks how this heterogeneous group is composed, where the people are taking themselves to safety and which reception and support structures are emerging and becoming active here alongside those of the receiving states and international organisations. FVVT on point thus focuses on aspects that have not been central to previous media and academic analyses of the refugee situation in order to present a more differentiated picture of the flight to and from Ukraine. Focal points Heterogeneity of refugees, displaced persons and their escape routes Flight and displacement within Ukraine: the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) Reception in Germany beyond state structures: A post-Soviet welcome culture? Expertise: Dr. Viktoriya Sereda, UCU Lviv / IKK Jena Prof. Dr. Jannis Panagiotidis, RECET University Vienna Dr. Franck Düvell, FFVT, IMIS, University of Osnabrück Moderator: Dr. Marcel Berlinghoff, FFVT, IMIS FFVT on point will take place in German and English via Zoom Meeting.

The event will be recorded. The speakers' contributions (without the subsequent discussion) will be published on the FFVT YouTube channel. By attending the event, you agree to the recording and publication. Please turn off your camera and mute your microphone during the first part of the event. About FFVT on point FFVT on point is a series of events that serves as an irregularly recurring platform for the discussion of current, public-relevant topics in refugee research. The aim is to contribute to an evidence-based social and political debate on flight and migration through dialogue between researchers and actors from politics, administration, the media and the public.