Practical tips for science communication in the social sciences and humanities

Science communication should be interesting, comprehensible, transparent - and best of all, enjoyable. It is a communication about science that takes place within the scientific community and between the scientific community and the outside world, and thrives on exchange and dialogue between the research community and the society. But how does that work?

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Science communication is undoubtedly a multi-layered process: it includes communication within and outside of the scientific community, for example through social debates with and about science, e.g., via media and platforms. Last but not least, science communication and transfer are relevant for the participation of citizens in research processes.

That science communication is important is also undisputed: it anchors the understanding of science - its methods, projects, findings and also limits - in society and politics. It has long been established in the science system, is itself a field of research and, not least, a component of BMBF project funding.
In the BMBF-funded research projects in the humanities and social sciences, there are many examples of exchange with the society. A good reason to share know-how about science communication and transfer here on the portal for the humanities and social sciences.

Practical exchange of knowledge

The new section "Science Communication and Transfer” ensures that both topics are given due space on the GSW portal. One focus is on practical examples from the humanities and social sciences that offer suggestions for successful science communication and transfer measures.

The Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation (Science Communication Forum) is the largest specialist conference for science communication in the German-speaking area. The conference is organised annually by Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), the joint organisation of the German science for science communication. Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2022 is planned as a physical event in Hanover between 4-6 October.