Filmemachen mit dem Smartphone. Theorie und Praxis

Das Filmen mit dem Smartphone ist ein globales Phänomen - mit eigenen Festivals, Filmemachern und Kreativen stellt es eine eigene Filmform dar. In dieser Präsentation werden zusammen mit Max Schleser, einem Medienwissenschaftler und renommierten Filmemacher, die verschiedenen Ansätze des Smartphone-Films untersucht und ein Überblick über die internationale Smartphone-Filmgemeinde gegeben.

Datum: 26.01.2022

Uhrzeit: 11:00 - 13:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungstitel: Smartphone Filmmaking. Theory and Practice

Veranstaltungstyp: Workshop

Veranstalterkategorie: Förderprojekt

Veranstalter: BMBF-Projekt "Das Dokumentarische im Digitalen"

Ort: Online

Mobile, smartphone and pocket filmmaking is a global phenomenon with distinctive festivals, filmmakers and creatives that are defining an original film form. In this presentation, Max Schleser explores the diverse approaches towards smartphone filmmaking and provides an overview of the international smartphone filmmaking community. While not every story might be appropriate to be realized with a mobile device or smartphone, if working with communities, capturing locations or working in the domain of personal or first-person filmmaking, the smartphone or mobile device should be considered as the camera of choice.

The mobile specificity is expressed through accessibility, mobility and its intimate and immediate qualities. These smartphone filmmaking-specific characteristics and personal forms of crafting experiences contribute to a formation of new storytelling approaches. Stylistic developments of vertical video and collaborative processes in smartphone filmmaking are evolving into hybrid formats that resonate in other forms. „Smartphone Filmmaking Theory and Practice“ not only develops a framework for the analysis of smartphone filmmaking but also reviews the contemporary scholarship and directions within the creative industries.

Dr Schleser will initiate a conversation on current trends. He will discuss the impact of smartphone filmmaking on adjacent disciplines and outline recent developments in emerging media and screen production, such as Mobile XR (extended reality). This event will open a space for discussion – not only of theories but also actual practices. Moreover, we invite students, filmmaker and practitioners from adjacent disciplines who are interested in producing smart phone impact film to bring their first ideas or to brainstorm together with the community on issues. To tune into the topic, a YouTube playlist with selected works and presentations by the guest, Max Schleser, is prepared.

The presentation will be held in English.