VIDEO: Humanities Matter: The Story behind the Animation

In 2020 HERA community, led by KE & Impact Fellows Joanna Sofear and Tony Whyton, in collaboration with the award-winning animator Annlin Chao, has launched this short animation. This film portrays the objects and themes used within the animation and how they link to HERA projects past and present.

Video: ‘What Makes Us Human? Animating the Humanities’

Humanities in the European Research Area is a network of 26 national funding agencies committed to leading and developing funding opportunities for humanities researchers in Europe.

Since May 2019, twenty European joint projects, including 14 sub-projects from Germany, have been dedicated to the exciting topic of "Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe (2019-2022)". The research focuses on the core question of how societies create public spaces and how these affect the coexistence of individuals and groups.