From information and tenders to advice and the search for partners, up to conference reports – researchers and stakeholders in the humanities and social sciences (GSW) will find almost everything they need on the Net4Society platform to successfully apply for and carry out projects in the EU Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020. This is what it was set up for.

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Since 2008, the EU project has been committed to the humanities and social sciences, in several respects. These include the Europe-wide networking of the National Contact Points, increasing the Europe-wide visibility of social science and humanities topics and research results, and supporting the integration of GSW topics in all programme areas of Horizon 2020.

About 50 countries are today involved in Net4Society. As advisory centres, they support GSW researchers in the application process and project implementation of Horizon 2020 projects, in particular, for the 6th Social Challenge "Integrative, Innovative and Reflective Societies" (see also NCP Society).

The aim of the network is to exchange experience and knowledge between the National Contact Points, to pass it on to applicants, and thus to increase the success of GSW in particular in Horizon 2020. The greater the visibility of GSW's research achievements, the greater its contribution to understanding social developments in Germany and Europe, in politics and among the general public.

The support services of Net4Society:

"Partner Search Support und Research directory"

Find and be found: Assistance in finding partners for international research projects in Horizon 2020:



International conferences on important topics in connection with GSW and the 6th Social Challenge in Horizon 2020

"Brokerage Events"

International conferences with information on current tenders by the EU Commission and the possibility to network researchers (project partner search)

Website and newsletter

Website and newsletter with current information on events and publications related to Horizon 2020 and the 6th Social Challenge:

Public relations

Activities to increase the Europe-wide visibility of social science and humanities issues and research results, and to support the integration of GSW issues in all Horizon 2020 programme area


Maßgeschneiderte Fortbildungsmaßnahmen für die Nationalen Kontaktstellen zur Sicherung einer gleichbleibend hochwertigen Beratung von Wissenschaftler/innen

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