National Contact Point (NCP) Society

Opening up new fields of research, building networks, broadening horizons and advancing research careers – EU funding programmes make it possible. But the hurdles are high. They can be mastered with the comprehensive advice provided by the National Contact Point Society (“Nationale Kontaktstelle Gesellschaft / NKS”).

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NKS Gesellschaft

Societal Challenge 6

The largest research and innovation support programme in the world is Horizon 2020, the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Particularly interesting for the humanities and social sciences is the third part "Social Challenges", or more precisely, the 6th Social Challenge, "Europe in a Changing World: Integrative, Innovative and Reflective Societies"

When it comes to social challenges that affect cohesion and prosperity in Europe, the expertise of the humanities and social sciences is needed. They provide a better understanding of social crises and upheavals and can use their research results to facilitate evidence-based policy-making. In order that this succeeds, funding of 1.2 billion euro is available from 2014 - 2020 for the 6th. Social Challenge. For the year 2020, the volume of funding will amount to around 178 million euros.

National Contact Points (NCPs)

In order to facilitate researchers' access to EU funds, the so-called National Contact Points (NCPs) exist in all European Member States and in the countries associated to Horizon 2020, including Germany. This is a network that provides advice on every aspect of the European Framework Programme. For the humanities and social sciences, it is the National Contact Point Society (“Nationale Kontaktstelle Gesellschaft” (NKS Society)). It works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is part of the project management organisation at the German Aerospace Center (DLR Projektträger). The experts in the NCP Society can help researchers to identify funding opportunities in the 6th Social Challenge in Horizon 2020, to set up consortia, and to formulate their applications in a correct and appropriate manner. In addition, the NCP Society also provides information about possible participation by the humanities and social sciences in other research areas, since participation by the humanities and social sciences is possible and desired in almost all areas of Horizon 2020!

The consulting services of the NKS Society in brief:

  • Information on current tenders and participation criteria

  • Implementation of individual application advice

  • Organisation of target group and topic-specific events, such as "Impact Workshop", “Antragswerkstatt“ (Application Workshop), etc.

  • Support in the search for European/international project partners.